Article about Mariangela's exhibition, published in one of the most renowned newspapers in Germany
Sueddeutsche Zeitung
"Wild water: the painter Mariangela produced on canvas a glittering sea landscape. The name of the painting is 'Seashore'.
The painter from Munich used bark in her collage which made the rough rocks seem particularly plastic."

Sueddeutsche Zeitung



Two ladies from Brazil and Bavaria exhibit their work

The two artists, with distinct origins and styles, exhibit their work in the Neumarkt St.Veit Public Library (...) Mariangela studied Art in Rio de Janeiro and taught there. She then studied further in Norwich (UK) and is now established in Germany (...)

She is strongly influenced by Nature (...) All variations of her South American temperament stand out, from timid to lively and full of energy, depending on stimulus and inspiration, utilizing various techniques and materials (...)


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