Pieces of tree bark ("cascas") are like moments and experiences in our lives, which in some way mould the way we are. Multiple layers of paint, fibers and colors bring life and shape, loaded with emotions.

Moments of freedom, love, sadness, beauty, peace, tenderness, friendship and solitude, which diverge but at the same time converge in one single element: "ME".

My paintings always have a story to tell. Layers often intertwine and superpose one another.

Moving to California made me re-discover the ocean. Once more "cascas" are added to my compositions giving life to life itself.

In my work I search balance between life, color, space and form. I turn each experience into energy. Each step, culture and moment contribute with unlimited value, complementing each other and expanding into "ME".

These inter-relationships are rarely harmonious but with the help of tolerance and dialogue paintbrushes, they can mix and provide a congenial composition. Transforming "cascas" can lead to inception, turning into a new unique light full of life and hope !

Contrasts enrich life and give it a new meaning.


August 2008


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